About Our Intensive Outpatient Programs

JBRI offers two Intensive Outpatient Programs for Substance Abuse Treatment in Virginia. Our Young Adult – Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Abuse Treatment in VA helps young adults ages 18-24 deal with substance use disorder and co-occurring challenges. Our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program serves middle and high school-age teens, ages 13-18.

Our staff inspires and motivates clients to succeed on their path to recovery while creating positive connections in their lives and improving their work or education and family bonds. Our Intensive Substance Abuse Treatment in VA is for clients who do not require inpatient detoxification or around-the-clock supervision.

We meet every individual with personalized outpatient treatment, focusing on the current “here and now situations” to provide solution-focused outcomes.

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The Majella Project

The Majella Project aims to provide expectant mothers with the necessary resources, guidance, and skills to overcome addiction and embrace motherhood with optimism. The program recognizes the unique needs of expectant mothers and seeks to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to their recovery and well-being. The program offers a range of services including substance abuse recovery using the evidence-based curricula from The Change Companies including:

  • Women in Recovery
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Trauma in Life
  • Strengthening My Parenting Skills

Through a combination of counseling, therapy, education, and support groups, participants gain the tools and knowledge to address their addiction head-on. The Majella Project prioritizes the physical and emotional health of mothers and their babies, offering classes, hosted by experts, in prenatal care, nutritional guidance, and financial resources. These services include but are not limited to lactation consultancy, car seat safety, and sleep safety.
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Our Program Goals

  • Understand the disease of addiction
  • Increase sobriety time
  • Learn how to utilize community/family/social support
  • Build a sober lifestyle
  • Recognize potential dangers to your recovery
  • Improve self-care
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Our Process

  • Individuals meet with a Certified Addictions Professional and complete an assessment.
  • The assessor provides an individualized person-centered treatment plan and resources.
  • Clients meet in group sessions at least 3 days a week for 3 hours each session.
  • Group facilitators are certified addiction counselors who use evidence-based treatment curricula including:
    • Living in Balance
    • Group Treatment for Substance Abuse
    • 12 Step Facilitation Outpatient Program
    • The Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults
  • Groups also provide psychoeducation on physical health, diet and nutrition, and significance with mental health management.
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Our Staff

Our clinical staff are Virginia Certified Substance Abuse Counselors (CSAC) and accredited clinical assessors with The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Clinical supervision is provided by master’s prepared licensed professionals.

Our substance use treatment staff use their knowledge and skills to help ensure we’re meeting each individual’s needs. We focus on instilling hope and positive change utilizing ethical and professional standards.

We are registered with the Virginia Alcohol and Safety Program to complete ASAM assessments to adhere to court ordered DUI requirements.

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Meet Dr. Daniels



  • Child and adolescent mental health provider in practice with The James Barry Robinson Institute Outpatient Services
  • Licensed to practice in Virginia as an autonomous nurse practitioner for pediatric patients with 25 years in practice
  • Board certified in primary care and pediatric mental health
  • Emergency medical technician since 1974 with certifications as provider and instructor in EMT, advanced disaster life support, basic and advanced cardiac life support, fire, hazardous materials, incident command, neonatal resuscitation, and pediatric advanced life support
  • Emergency medical technician with experience in volunteer, combined, and private transport services as a provider, supervisor, infection control officer, and administrator


  • University faculty member since 1981 with extensive course and program design, administration, and teaching experience.

Available Services

  • Medication Management

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